Like an addiction where you try and put it behind you, or gain an interest in something else until the desire dies down

I know I have questioned it I know we’ve both tried to run, this is it. we both need to embrace it.

We have purposefully tried to stay away, tried to end this, tried to make this a flash in the pan as assumed. Its just won’t quit our love… it won’t die.

Our paths were meant to be crossed through each others and never unwound. Even when we ourselves are trying to do the unwinding, we will quickly be put back in our place. This is meant to stay… I believe it… why fight it… Just as you said in the beginning “ Meeting you was my… for a reason”

You and i can sit here and think there will be some intervention that could, separate us. The sooner we accept the fact that our love, ( even if we are still finding it), and our lives, are going to be for each other, the sooner we can enjoy this, the new path, the new adventure, new chapters, new additions, new memories to our destiny

This is inevitable its just a matter of how much a struggle we want to make it, or just accept it

And enjoy the fact that we have found something few get to see,

I’ll take the latter<JG> <Undressed>


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