“It only takes a moment,” she whispered.


 My heart leapt.


 “But a moment is all I have.”


 My heart ripped.


 She looked at me then, her eyes reflecting the dawn; my own reflecting the dusk.


 “All aboard!” shouted the guard.


 I wanted nothing more than to cram the words down his throat, as the girl pushed draping, raven hair behind her ear. It wasn’t his fault, and I was wrong to vent my frustrations out on him. That just wasted more time, the one thing I didn’t have.


 She leant closer, hanging from the train’s doorway by one hand. I thought her perfect, as exquisite a beauty as I should ever see. And for that single moment in time, she was mine. She offered her lips to my own, as our fingers slowly entwined. We kissed.


 By the time I realised we’d stopped the train was halfway down the platform, and it felt like I’d been dragged back from heaven. I looked to my empty fingers, then back to her, as she swept from my world. The girl was waving to me and smiling a smile that lit up the morning. Then she was gone, and I knew only night. It was death by dismissal.


 We’d only known each other ten minutes. I didn’t even know her name! But I’d remember he<JG> <UNDRESSED> 


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