You’re the only one that can hear your inner voice…but I want to challenge you to put yourself out there… to believe in yourself so much, that you’re willing to put it in a comment. Don’t worry…I will not tolerate judgment from others…negativity will NOT be allowed and will be deleted from the post. So take a moment and think about the challenging conversations you’ve had with that inner voice. Make a conscious decision to put that voice to rest. That voice can only be quieted by YOUR decision to believe in YOU. I want you to believe so strongly in whatever’s in your heart, that you’re willing to shout it from the roof tops. If you’re willing to do that, below I want you to post in the comments, following this format, this is just an example (I want you to apply this example to your inner voice): If your inner voice says: “your not strong enough to do this, so just give up.” I want you to comment: “I believe I’m strong enough and I refuse to give up.” What do YOU believe in!? Please take a moment to encourage others if you see a comment that speaks to you. We need to create a community of positive people that lift each other up.<JG><UNDRESSED>


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