I only ever bother looking at my reflection in puddles anymore

Mirrors remind me that you looked into the depths of my eyes for hours

I was trying to dig for clues in your eyes as to why you felt so far away already

But you were sitting cross legged inches away from me,

Did your mind catch a flight to her arms?

To her smile?

All I do is give you every piece of me while you took like a hungry child

Yet you were still waltzing around with eyes for another

Where did I go wrong?

Where down the road did I lose you? Or did I even have you at all?

One night I fell asleep with you curled up next to me

Only to awake to an empty bed

Just use your words, don’t leave me guessing

I know there is always someone better to love

For you just hear a broken record

I still hear a symphony that I guess I should just stop listening for

You can still look me dead in the eye

And say you love me with sincerity

Knowing it will keep me running back every time

But you’re kissing another goodnight

I have given you everything I had to give

You barely give me the time of day

I guess her lips taste of a stronger alcohol

She must smell of a sweeter candy

While you put a ring on her finger

Remember all the nights I held you until you fell asleep

Do not let my name slip from your lips in vain<JG><UNDRESSED>


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