Fork in the road

You know that point when you hit a fork in the road?

When you realize that the next decision you make could affect your life significantly?

Friendships made could be lost.

Connections formed could be given a chance to blossom.

Hearts could be broken, and that’s including mine too.

I didn’t ask to be put in this position.

I wish I wasn’t right now.

No matter what decision I make,

I can’t please everyone.

My head is telling me one thing

While my heart whispers another.

It’s a constant war between them.

One minute I know which way to turn,

Then the next I’m afraid I’m making the wrong decision.

I thought I knew what I wanted.

I thought I knew what I deserved.

But this fork in the road has my head in shambles,

Leaving me questioning my priorities.

I just wish this fork in the road had a sign.

A sign of guidance.

A sign from God.

A sign that gave my head some peace and my heart some comfort.

But there’s no sign in sight.

So here I am.

Praying and trusting in God that I will soon have some clarity

And have the confidence to turn right without looking back.<JG><UNDRESSED>


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