Forgiveness, Humbleness and Kind words

There are 3 qualities that if we possess; we’ll never have to get into any sort of fights or arguments with anyone… Forgiveness, Humbleness and Kind words.

Forgiveness allows you to make peace with others, Humbleness from you can increase someone’s love towards you and kind words can build a better relationship.

Forgiveness is the key to calming everything down in any sort of relationship. In a war; one side will have to step down because if someone doesn’t then the outcome of it won’t be nice. The reason why we are usually not willing to forgive is because of our ego. Our ego is too strong for us that we can’t let anyone hurt it. Letting go of your ego and forgiving someone is not hurting your ego but instead it’s feeding your ego.

Humbleness is the other quality that is fundamental to have. In simple words it’s like nobody likes anyone to be better than them. Everyone prefers to look the highest of all but if someone comes along and doesn’t have the mentality to look better than you or rise above you but instead is very humble and loving then we often tend to like that person because they come across as humble; as someone who doesn’t have the mentality to rise above us. Humbleness makes others want to be with you because of how generous you are and that’s if! (It’s rare to find someone humble)

Kind words can be interrupted in two ways. There are those who use kind words to fool someone or take advantage of someone by using kind words to trick them, so, in other words someone who is wicked and uses kind words for their own selfish needs and desires. And then there are those (I love this one) who always speak truthful and kind words. They never mean to hurt anyone by their words or to mislead them. Their words are like bullets, even if they go through us… they don’t hurt us. (I know this bullet example was… ridiculously terrible)<JG><UNDRESSED>


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