I’m not the person I was yesterday. Only a part of me is. I’ve made mistakes. And I will continue to make them. Some of them I will repeat, but mostly I will make new mistakes because everyday I am new. Everyday I am an improved version of myself. If you choose to define my existence by the deeds of my past then you can never hope to be in my future. You can’t compare me to the me that I was and blame me for wronging you by changing. I warned you. I am warning you now. I am forever evolving. I’m like the sky or the desert – one in essence but forever shifting, painting myself into patterns that will leave you filled with awe down to your very bones. So don’t sit there and judge me based on who I was or the ‘idea’ of me that you have in your head.

I am Boundless.

I am the sky.

I am the wind.

I am a force to be reckoned with.

I won’t fit into your imagination of who I am.

I am going to be more.

I am going to be more than anything you have seen. I am going to overflow through your eyes and the words that slide of your tongue and your hands that search for me at 3 AM.

If you hold onto an idea of me – you are going to get hurt. I am made of jagged edges and lightning. The moment you try to hold me into your mould- I will tear through. I will break through everything you want me to fit in.

If you hold onto the ghost of me – it is your burden to bear.

I am undefinable.

I always will be.<JG><UNDRESSED>


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