Got negative nellies in your life??  If so, GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE!

It’s easy to get distracted by negative comments from Facebook, or to get sidetracked by discouraging words from family and friends; but it’s so important for you to not let all that negative energy stop you from going for it and pursuing your dreams!

So many people hesitate to go after what they want, or start their own business and put themselves out there because they’re afraid of what people might think. Even some of my POWERHOUSE CHICKS  have dealt with this and they’re badasses! When you’re a brand new entrepreneur or business owner, it can be a little scary.  What if people don’t get what you’re doing? What will they think you’ll fail?



Negativity is out there. We’re always going to run into it. What matters is how you handle it and move on with your life and your business.

Here’s the reason why people give you a hard time when you try to do your own thing: they’re scared!  They don’t want you to step out of your comfort zone and succeed because it puts a spotlight on what they’re not doing. That’s why they suddenly develop so many unwanted opinions.

If people have something bad to say about you, it has NOTHING to do with you!  It’s because they’re insecure about what they’re not doing or how they’re being perceived, so they turn those negative feelings around and criticize other people.

You can’t let the things get to you. If what someone says gets to you, you care more about what they think than what you think about yourself and that’s a confidence issue you need to work on first. How can you help anyone else gain confidence or deal with negativity if that’s not a priority for yourself? Sure, you’re not going to have all your fears conquered, but you’ll know how to deal with them!

It’s totally okay to feel scared, want to cry, or have butterflies when you try something new. What’s not okay is staying in your safety bubble that you’ve always been in because of all those negative feelings. Whatever your goal is, whatever you want out of your life, just start! Stop being so scared and just go for it and just do it!  For the love.. stop waiting for someone else to put a stamp of approval on you. You put your stamp of approval on you!

It’s our job as strong women to become as confident, loving, passionate, empathetic and successful as possible because we directly influence the people in our lives!  Our family and friends are like little sponges, if you have courage to go after your dreams, they’re going to go after their dreams too!

Someone has to go first and have the confidence to inspire

Why not you? Why can’t you be the one to step out of your comfort zone and go first? Why can’t you be the one to inspire others who might be feeling insecure and scared too? If you step out in boldness, you’re going to inspire a change in others because you were willing to go first and make yourself uncomfortable and deal with what other people might say about you.

Yes, it’s going to be a little uncomfortable, but it’s worth it!  You get so much fulfillment, so much purpose and so much happiness from what follows after that first step. Don’t let fear be an excuse or a road block to your dreams!<JG><UNDRESSED>


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