Most people struggle with confidence whether they say so or not… but I want to help you become FEARLESS!

I lived in fear for most of my life until I just decided that I wasn’t going to do that anymore. I decided to beat fear at its own game and I want to share a few tips with you to help let go of your fear of rejection so that you can STOP being held back and become the badass you were meant to be!!

Fighting fear is being courageous.

The anxiety that you give yourself when you’re fearful is worse than the actual fear itself.  For example, if you are anticipating someone rejecting you – the anticipation of you being rejected is far worse than the actual rejection. That’s because it takes up a lot of your time, mental energy, and strength to worry about that type of thing!  Stop thinking, “What if this happens, or what if this happens…” because no one gets to do that to you. You are in control of your mind and you don’t want to let anxiety take up that space. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Let me be totally transparent here – I’m not fearless. I’m just courageous enough to face my fears and make facing them non-negotiable!  When anxiety paralyzes my mind and that ugly fear starts to creep in and ruin my vibe, I take that as my cue that the thing that I’m fearing or avoiding is the exact thing that I NEED to do.  If I’m anxious about doing something, I decide that I have to do that thing – 100%. Hiding from fear is not allowed.  I look fear straight in the face and say, “Oh hey ya big meanie..  I’m not scared of you!”  No person or situation is going to paralyze me with fear or anxiety – no way.  Never again.  I spent way too much of my life living in fear and I’m not doing that anymore. I don’t want you to live that way, either!  I want you to decide to face your fear and your whatever is making you so anxious.

Once you commit to doing something, even if it scares the living crap out of you, your brain is totally on board!  You brain is like, “This is what we’re going to do,” and then you don’t waste any more time worrying about it because you’ve committed to doing it – no matter what.

HOMEGIRL: You can overpower your fears by taking action!  The same goes for when you are running a badass business and someone, out of the blue, tells you that they don’t want your recommendation, product, or service – who cares what they say? Who gets to decide that you are not worth something besides you? Exactly! No one.  If you ever second guess that your product is worth the price, redo your product. That’s easy! Redo it. Create more value behind it. For those of us in business, it’s easy for us to create more and more value behind what we give to people. That’s easy – you are in control of that.


Next time you’re freaking out about something silly, try treating that fear like an appointment you can’t miss. Remind yourself that it’s just an easy, breezy appointment that you can’t reschedule because you can’t get in at another time. You’re not going to spend time worrying about it, because you have to go. It’s a non-negotiable.

Show up and face your fear. You attract what you are. 

Check it!  Surround yourself with people who are confident, fearless, believe in how badass they are and then that will help you create more of it within YOU!  The more confident and badass you are, the more you will attract people like you. You will share that strength and share that fearlessness together — and it will just grow bigger and better. Before you know it, you are going to be surrounded by the most amazing, strong, encouraging, inspiring, confident group of people ever!  That’s what happened to me w  You won’t be able to resist tapping into that confident, badass that you truly are.


This is super important because you never know who is watching what you do…

I have nieces, sisters, cousins, friends – and me believing I am strong and courageous helps THEM believe that they are strong and courageous.  They watch what I do and when I do something brave or strong – they absorb a portion of that strength, because strength is contagious.  Whoever is important to you in your life should be reason enough for you to be strong.  You can inspire them to do the same!  If you want to raise confident kids, a confident family, and a confident group of friends then you need to be that for them.  




You’re the one that has to do it. Stop looking around at everyone else for the answers because you’ve already got what it takes!  

God’s got your back. He DOES. Seriously – if you know me at all i have struggled with this idea, but He’s got my back and he won’t give me more than I can handle (the same goes for you, too)! If the outcome, in the long run, is that I get hurt someway – it’s no big deal.  I know He wouldn’t let me get hurt unless it was for my own good – so what the HECK am I afraid of?!  I know I’ll learn something from it and I won’t let fear win.

Here’s the thing that gets lost amidst the anxiety sometimes: You are safe until you are not safe. Got it?  Until you have been hurt or rejected, stop acting like you have been – you are just bringing that feeling onto yourself.  Whatever you put “out there” – whether it be your thoughts or your words – is going to happen to you.  Stay strong and remember that the creator of the world has your back.  You are not in control of everything in life, He is.  And He is not going to let anything happen to you unless it is for GOOD.  If you feel like anxiety is about to take over, say out loud to yourself: “I am strong. I am fearless. I am a badass. I am all of these things and nothing is going to hold me back because I am in control of my own mind.” BOOM –

A lion is not going to eat you.

When our ancestors were roaming around and doing their thing, they would get this feeling of fear whenever a lion was approaching. Those were instinctual feelings that existed purely to protect us from being eaten by a lion.

Truth time, people: No lion is going to eat you. You’re not going to get eaten by a lion.  So what are you so afraid of?

Live your life fearless.<JG><UNDRESSED>


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