There’s no hidden corner

you can blend yourself into.

There’s no secret room

where eyes can’t find you.

Your shame and your fear

make you think love isn’t real.

But it’s pure and it’s honest

Despite what you feel.

I know you feel unworthy

as you take all the blame.

You’ve been responding to a call

forgetting your real name.

There’s no longer a mask named Candy or Star,

you’re Loved, Valued, Purposed…

Treasured above all.

My Treasure, you’re faultless,

you’re forgiven, you’re found.

Can you hear it?

Can you feel it?

Love creates the most beautiful sound.

Please take your new name

and with power declare what’s true.

For you no longer turn around

for names that aren’t you.

I’m calling you closer,

to a place safe with me.

Beyond what you could fathom,

I can’t wait for you to see!

It’s a place of open fields

stretched as far as they can go,

with flowers waiting to bloom

and soft, green grass between your toes.

You’re in a radiant, white dress

creating a sunlit dance,

while the wind whispers songs

of truth and a courageous romance.

You are beautiful, my darling,

beautiful beyond words<JG><UNDRESSED>


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