Being happy is a choice.. period. Sometimes it’s a choice we make one day at a time, and others minute to minute.

Everyone has bad days, unfortunate things happen, less than ideal situations, frustrations, and sadness… that is just part of life. Deciding to be happy and find JOY through it all is a choice!

If you’re in a valley today, that’s ok. I learned to truly appreciate joy during some of the biggest struggles of my life. If you don’t like where you are in life, then it’s up to YOU to do something about it! I know from personal experience that doing something/taking action to change your life can be one of the scariest things we face.. but it’s worth it!

If you aren’t happy with your life, it’s time to DO SOMETHING. Here are my Top 3 tips to find JOY…

1⃣ Fill your mind with GOOD things first thing!

Right away when I wake up I read my devotional. THATS RIGHT!There is always the temptation to look at my cell phone for new texts, news, social media, etc.. but that does not get my spirit right. I need to fill my mind with the GOOD before I let the world in.

2⃣ Surround yourself with awesome people!

I’m lucky to be part of a huge NEW FAIMLY  that’s main focus is to help and lift other people up, and that plays a HUGE part in my joy! If you need a group like that, you’re welcome to join us! Surround yourself with people who make you WANT to be better.

3⃣ Appreciate what you have.

You may not be where you want to be now, but you’re getting there! You may not have the house, car, or bank account you want YET.. but you’re alive, you are loved, you have worth, and you are worth whatever it takes to achieve your goals!


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