I still remember the day I fell more in love with you then anyone could ever tell.

And i’ll never forget the way you made me feel

why is it so hard to believe this is real

we’ve been through so much

but heaven is too far in touch

when you appear in my dreams

i lose the fight against the tears that threaten to stream

I’ll go outside and scream your name i wonder if you feel the same

if it only was me instead of you that day

i still had a lot to say

but now you’re an angel

so before i go to sleep

i’ll look at the pictures of you i keep

wishing i could see your face again.

i’ll pray with all my heart, say amen even if i know you’re in a better place

i cant help but want your embrace so will you please wait

until the time comes and we will be together

i promise you this time it will be forever

but for now you’ll be my angel


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