Taking care of your body is a form of self-respect – Not just for yourself, but to the ones you love, and to the one who made you!

For me, physical fitness and spiritual fitness go together. With each workout I am pushed out of my comfort zone, I am forced to get tough, to trust that I am stronger than I know, I am GRATEFUL for the health that allows me to do it, and I believe I am preparing myself for whatever strength or endurance is required of me in the future. From personal experience I know that when my soul gets “fitter” I experience more peace and less stress, and I choose to get stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically so I can face the challenges that each day holds with confidence. It is a daily, ongoing process – because if you’re not working on getting stronger, you’re getting weaker.

So let me ask you… is your physical health an excuse for why you “don’t” or “can’t” do the things you have on your heart do? Are you getting stronger or weaker?

I want to help my peeps truly understand what a “fit life” really is and how it can transform your life. I want to help them get strong and understand how their physical strength translates to spiritual strength.

so if you feel like I’m talking to you.. LEAVE YOUR EMAIL BELOW – OR DIRECT MSG MEIMG_1214


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