gut health

I’m sure you’ve heard at least some talk about “gut health” these days.. maybe you’ve heard of “leaky gut?”

Bottom line- everything starts in your gut.  It’s command central, the base camp for your body, the starting point that will make or break your health… so why wouldn’t you want to take care of it?  Maybe because it’s not super sexy .. but ya know what IS super sexy?!  Feeling good!  Hellur.

If you’re having problems with your immune system, skin, inflammation, digestions and emotional health, I guarantee there’s a problem with your gut. It all boils down to what we put in there, people.  Unfortunately, the majority of people really good at putting bad bacteria in our bodies, but it’s the GOOD bacteria we need more of!

Here’s the deal with your gut, it’s connected to all your issues. The things we consume that cause inflammation — like sugar, processed foods and gluten — break down the intestinal lining and allow the toxins we’re exposed to everyday (whether by choice or not) to leak into the bloodstream and circulate throughout our bodies.  That’s unpleasant to say the least.  And don’t misunderstand.. if toxins are leaking out of your gut into your bloodstream, you WILL feel it.

A broken down gut not only affects us physically in the form of pain, auto immune, fatigue, etc..  it can make way for emotional issues as well. Serotonin (aka the “Happy Hormone”) comes from your gut. It’s sent from your gut to your brain and promotes that feel-good feeling we all love so much.  So if you’re doing damage to your gut by feeding it things that don’t keep it whole, then that’s when you see things like depression and anxiety come up.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it 1,000 times again: your body gives you signals. It wants to run efficiently! It’s up to you to help it do what it always wants to do. You can’t have a strong immune system or healthy body if you don’t have a healthy gut.

There are three things you can start doing now to help create and maintain a healthy gut:

Take a great probiotic

Biotic means life. Antibiotic means kills life. Can you guess what probiotic means? It’s literally pro-life. It gives to your gut flora and increases the good bacteria in there, which in turn boosts your immune systems, which in turn helps you digest foods and helps your body understand that good things are happening to it which then sends hormones like serotonin to your brain which helps your skin and emotions and everything else in your body function properly.

Eat whole foods

If it’s packaged and processed, just say no. By whole foods I mean actual fruits and vegetables and proteins — none of this canned and packaged junk. Whole foods help heal your body naturally. The beauty of healing your body and taking control of your health naturally is you’re encouraging your body to do what it WANTS to do anyway. You can’t rely on a pill to fix everything. Medication is not natural and your body doesn’t know how to deal with that.  So if you keep putting those toxins in your system, they’re just going to leak through your gut and into your bloodstream and create more health issues.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Start eating bone broth

Bone broth is ah-ma-zing for your gut health. It’s a natural way to heal your gut and helps to build the tissue that lines the colon and entire GI tract. It’s so easy to buy or make your own, too. If you’re having inflammation and gut problems, make sure you have some sort of bone broth in your diet.  It’s one of my essentials!

Bonus tip: Stop eating soy and other oils as much as possible

They only do damage to your gut. It’s not worth it!


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