Here are my 4 most powerful tips to regaining your passion and fulfillment…

 1. Set Goals that require God

Too many times I see people either just sitting around waiting for an amazingly purpose filled life to fall into their lap (which is NOT going to happen) OR I see people setting goals that are like #duh.. that was going to happen anyway.  Setting a goal for yourself that requires God’s help a game changer.

2. Work Towards Balance

A life without some sort of balance is a life without some sort of fulfillment.  However, I don’t believe that perfect balance in life exists.  I believe that you just have to work TOWARDS living a more balanced life every day.  .  Ask yourself, what are YOUR priorities.  Mine are my purpose, my boyfriend, my health, and my faith.

3. Put Down Your Damn Phone

But for real.  You don’t really want to give your life away to an electronic device, do you?Listen, I’m not judging you even slightly.. I have been a slave to my phone many times so I know what it’s like and how hard it is to put the crack down.  I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA.. I love love LOVE it!So my challenge to you if you want to live a more fulfilled life.. put your damn phone down and LIVE!  Check your social media a couple times a day and post about the awesome life you’re out LIVING!

4. Get a Success Sister 

this is new to me 

Success Sisters are LIFE.  Success Sisters are friends who don’t buy in to your excuses, but they challenge them.  They aren’t scared to make you uncomfortable by pushing you out of your comfort zone, they want your success just as much as their own, and they have their own priorities in line.

Success Sisters DO NOT gossip, nay-say, OR talk bad about their husbands or children.. EVER.  Basically Success Sisters are people who push you to be better, to go for your goals, and if you fall on your face they are NOT there to baby you or pick you up.. but to say “so what, get up and try it again!”


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