get out of that FUNK

I’ve been in plenty of funks so I know.. it’s not a good time.  I’ve been in funky holes so far down I didn’t even know how to begin to get myself out of them, but I’ve found there is always a way out.  Over time I’ve learned how to get myself out of funks very quickly. It’s not a secret, you can get out of yours too!  It just takes some time and adjustments.

The first step to getting out of a funk is to accept responsibility for why you’re there. It’s so easy to be upset and stay upset and to wonder why this thing is happening or why those people are treating me that way. Let me ask you this: what about you? What did you do or not do to get yourself in that situation? What did you say or not say to get those people to react that way? You have to accept responsibility for your part.  We’re not 12.. so let’s act like adults.

If you want to get out of your funk, you have to get yourself out of your own pity party. I’m going to be real here, pity parties are for people who don’t want to accept responsibility for their actions. It’s the truth. You can’t make it okay for yourself to maintain bad habits. If you’re eating like crap and you know that’s why you feel bad and that’s why you’re in a funky place, guess what sister, it’s time to own up to it and STOP!  It’s no one else’s fault you feel the way you do.  You’ll never get out of a funk by throwing yourself a pity party.

You have to shift your attitude and the way you’re thinking about the situation. Call yourself out on your lame excuses! The second you realize you’re in a funk, you’re giving yourself the power to take back control of your situation. The danger is when you don’t realize you’re going into a funk and you don’t realize it until it’s too late. But the beauty of it is it’s never too late to climb out of your funky place.

Funks don’t happen overnight, they happen over time because you consistently believed that the bad habit you developed was okay or the negative thoughts you had were truth. The most freeing thing you can do is to say, “I don’t like the situation I’m in but I got myself into this so I’m going to get myself out.” Always remember that you can get out of a funk! Again, it won’t happen overnight and you won’t feel better the next day, but you can start taking steps to get to a better state.

For me, it’s a 30 minute rule. I give myself 30 minutes to be completely irate and upset about something, but that’s it. After that I need to get up and move on. I have to accept my role for the funk and make the appropriate changes. I have to remind myself that whatever happened, good or bad, everything will work out for good. There’s a reason for everything, even if I can’t see it in the moment.

The next step in de-funking your life is to practice gratitude. Isn’t it so annoying when people say “Just be grateful”? Of course we should be grateful for all we have, but let’s be real – we’re all humans and sometimes we take things for granted and don’t want to be grateful. Especially when you’re in a funk, the last thing you want to be is grateful because you’re so focused on what’s going wrong in life.

That’s why I say to PRACTICE gratitude because I know first-hand it doesn’t always come naturally. I don’t believe you have to feel grateful in order to be grateful. Start by saying out loud the things you’re thankful for and eventually that will become your reality.

When you’re in a your funk, if you can say “I’m grateful even though…” that will be a tremendous help in bringing you out of that funk. Step up your gratitude game. Instead of just saying “I’m thankful for this” start saying “I’m thankful for this even though I’m struggling right now.” That way you’re acknowledging your funk and being honest with how you really feel, but your still changing your perspective and actively trying to get out of that funky place.

Eventually, you’ll feel better about yourself and about life. After all, you can’t be truly grateful and still be in a funk.

The third step is going to suck, but you’ve GOT to do it! No excuses! You have to MOVE. For the love of God, people, get up and move when you’re in a funk! The worst thing you can do for yourself is to know you’re in a funk and use that as an excuse to sit your butt on the couch and go to town on a bag of chips and a bottle of Mountain Dew.   That nasty pattern has to stop!

Try this – count to three, jump up, and go!  You won’t want to, I know, but you have to move. I’m not asking you to do a high-intensity workout, there’s no cardio involved here — just get up and get your body moving. Go for a freaking walk or do a vinyasa. Put one foot in front of the other and keep going!

When you do something active, your body starts getting flooded by endorphins and you’ll start feeling less funky. Movement is life. When you get the blood flowing, your mind gets clear and you’ll find yourself in a better mood. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of a funk without making myself move.

Finally, do something that gives you pure joy. It doesn’t have to have any purpose, just do something that feels so delicious and yummy that you just love and makes you feel good.

For me, that’s not being rushed and taking the time to really do my hair and makeup for no reason. I love that! Or going to Starbucks and ordering my favorite latte with coconut milk and then walking around and window shopping. It’s bliss! I even love planting it on the couch (after making myself move, of course) and watching re-runs of the Golden Girls with a kombucha and a bag of Skinny Pop Popcorn.

There’s no judgement for what gives you pure joy. Do something that has no expectation and will leave you without guilt for enjoying the moment. When you’re in a funk, you tend to think you have every excuse in the world to not do anything for pure joy; but indulging yourself in moments that take you back to a time where you were super happy does wonders for pulling you out of a funk. Just make sure your pure joy moment is not a food reward, because if food is the reason you’re in your funk that will only send you back.  Got it?  Good.


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