i refuse to just exist

A couple weeks ago I committed to taking 2 days a week to do only things that make me straight up happy, and fill me with even more passion. Im a highly passionate person so thats saying a lot. Im finally starting to work on myself and take time and Honestly I’m just starting to listen….

It has not been easy, let me tell you. I had to text my friend for moral support today. hahaha. I have a hard time sitting still…happy feet. Still I have about 100 ideas a day new things i want to do, people i want to help, and i just really get excited about stuff. ( which is awesome not complaining) however all of that “doing” leaves me drained and cranky if I am not careful and purposeful about who and what I give my energy to….

One thing I refuse to do is just exist. I want to be in every moment of my life. So today So today I reignited my passion by taking a longer walk then normal losing myself in the nature and listening to some tunes That s goodish music is life. i feel rested lighter and just a little more bad ass



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