energy tips?!? why the hell not

Some days for whatever reason we just feel sluggish, more tired than we should, and are dragging.  It always seems to fall on the day when there is zero time to be a slug too! 😉  Through trial and error I’ve found a few quick tricks that work for me and get me back in the game!

So here are my top 5 quick tips for getting ReEnergized

1. Start drinking water and a rapid rate!  I know you don’t want to, but trust me and just do it 🙂  Make it a goal to drink a gallon that day!

2. Increase your protein!  I know, I know… you want carbs, specifically donuts or chips…. but again, trust me!  I recommend shakeolgy (see link) because it’s loaded with nutrients and it takes like dessert so I kind of feel like I’m giving in to my carb crave 😉   Or you could have some greek yogurt and almonds work great too! (Toasted coconut almonds are DIVINE!)

3. Workout!  Getting your blood pumping and a little sweat going is the very best thing you can do to gain energy quickly, especially when you really don’t want to!  Just do it!!!  You’re an adult and it won’t kill ya 😉

4. Take a 15 minute nap… NO LONGER!  I’ve found that if I can just sit quietly with my eyes closed for 15 minutes I can recharge pretty well.  If I “snooze” longer than 15 minutes though I seem to feel more tired and a little cranky :-/  so set your alarm for 15 minutes and then Times UP!

5. Take an Omega fatty acid supplement!  If you’re not getting enough healthy fats it can leave you feeling sluggish as well as leave you with different food cravings!!  In fact, most of the time when you are actually having a “craving” it’s due to a lack of HEALTHY FATS in your diet.  I’ve been known to down a spoonful of coconut oil to combat a craving… it works like a freakin charm, but it’s not the most pleasant thing in the world… you gotta want it, haha!

I hope these tips make give you crazy ENERGY!!


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