We all know those women — the ones there’s just “something” about.  They’re not always the prettiest, fittest, or smartest ones in the room.. but they’re the ones who you notice when they walk into the room.  They make you just WANT to be around them and you want to be like them!  I think that “something” they have, is Unshakeable Confidence.  
 The thing with confidence is that I believe you truly CAN “Fake It Till You Make It”.  Act confident (NOT ARROGANT) and you will become the confident person you want to be!  Everyone has insecurities and moments when you feel “not so sure”.. but the point is not to dwell there, or give those times more energy than they deserve.
Here are some tips that I believe every woman must have to tap into their Unshakeable Confidence
1⃣ Embrace what you love about you! 
Stop giving negativity a voice.  Everyone has insecurities, GET OVER IT!  Start thinking about the things you ROCK at and give those things more energy.  Make a list of things that are unique about you .. your quirks and idiosyncrasies are what make you SPECIAL.
2⃣ Learn to laugh at your mistakes!
What’s the big deal?? Everyone makes them!  Learn from them and move on.  Being able to laugh at yourself is such a gift!  If you can see the humor in your mistakes and awkward moments.. you win!  I’ve made a bajillion mistakes and I make fun of them often.. but not in a negative way or in a way that puts me down.. only in a way that allows me to laugh and move on.
3⃣Place great value on health and overall well-being. 
Taking time to be alone plays a huge role in my health and well-being.  My alone time is non-negotiable and one of the things I hold most dear.   I take that time to get to know my deepest thoughts, to tap into calm, to feel grateful, and to pray.  My workout time

 Without our health what do we have?!  Health literally IS our wealth, and I take that very seriously.  My goal is not abs or glutes that defy gravity.. but rather feeling amazing and being the healthiest, happiest I possibly can be!
4⃣Don’t be so sensitive! 
People will say and do things that are rude.. but that’s their problem, NOT YOURS.  Don’t take things personally, just smile and wish them the best!   Rudeness, a mean spirit, talking bad about other people.. those are all reflections of THAT persons insecurity, not you.   If you know someone who is always talking behind peoples backs or who has a mean spirit.. just avoid them and live your happy little life!
5⃣Turn it around!
Instead of dwelling on what isn’t working.. try asking yourself “What is great about this problem? What do I need to learn from this? What can I feel grateful for?”   In unfortunate situations or challenges, I believe there is always a lesson to be learned.  If you can learn to ask yourself a series of helpful questions instead of wallowing in self-pitting, you’ll be able to find the silver lining and true joy in any situation!
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