If you are feeling like you have missed the boat on your dream or your passion, I’m here to tell you something… 

I had a revelation not too long ago that completely changed my life and how I perceive what has happened to me.  I believe that it’s something that a lot of people need to hear and be reminded of on a daily basis!  If you’ve ever felt like you missed some MAJOR opportunity or had a dream that you think will never come around again because you didn’t go for it when you could’ve — this is for you.

Right now, you might believe that you are now just basically stuck. You feel like you have to settle into this life that is mediocre and not what you expected it to be. You might be slowly settling into a life that everyone is telling you that you NEED to have, even if it’s not what you really want. You feel like you’re too old to chase after your dream because you need to just be married, or have kids, or need to get a job because that dream that you wanted is not going to happen because it hasn’t happened yet. 

I had a sort of gut-check moment shortly after I started to see how unhappy I was. One day I thought to myself (and ultimately admitted to myself), “Oh no – this isn’t right.” I suddenly realized that God wasn’t going to ask me to stick with a dream that was going to end in divorce, or put me on antidepressants, or make me sacrifice my own happiness and my own light just to make other people happy.

I’ve got really, really good news for you: YOU DIDN’T MISS YOUR MIRACLE! 

Every “mistake” that I made needed to happen for me to become who I am now becoming. God trusted me enough to allow me to go through that process because He knew that I was going to do something about it. He knew I was going to GROW through it.

So, what does that mean for you? That means that YOU CANNOT MISS YOUR MIRACLE!  You can’t miss it because God is not a one-trick pony. He can (and will) create work-arounds for you.  He’s like GPS… He isn’t surprised by your mistakes and he will find another way for you. Learn what you can from the lessons you’re given and your miracle will not be missed. 

Your miracle will probably look a little different than you imagine, though. You have to be willing to tweak and change the path that you’re headed down, but you will know in your gut when something is right and when something is wrong. Beating a dead horse because you want something specific  to happen is not living your best life. What happened was always supposed to happen — and God knows how to create the workaround for you. You were actually supposed to do what you did — which is what I like to call “Divine Compensation.”

If you are still here, if you are still breathing in and out each day — you haven’t missed the boat. If you are still here, you haven’t completed the mission. There is still so much planned for you. Homies: You haven’t missed your miracle.

Stuck in a dead-end job? Turn it around! You are learning something right now. What is it? Why do you think this lesson to learn has been given to you? What are you going to do about it?

Right now at this very moment there is someone else out there who is stuck in their dead-end job too and they need to hear from you about what you’re going to do about it. How are you going to help people where you’re at right now? 

Start sharing what you’ve learned with others! There is no way that you can miss your miracle, miss your purpose, miss your passion unless you stop doing stuff and start feeling bad for yourself.


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