There’s one common theme when it comes to fatigue. Stress.  It’s the one thing that almost everyone overlooks because people think it’s not a big deal and it’s just a part of life. But the truth is it’s a BIG deal and we are making a huge mistake by choosing not to acknowledge it.

It’s the reason why you choose to overeat. It’s the reason why you choose to couch-plant and do nothing. Stress is the one thing no one wants to face.

No one wants to admit they’re stressed. No one wants to admit they’re in a bad relationship, or in a negative work environment, or surrounded by toxic friendships they won’t let go of. We tell ourselves that stress is no big deal because “everyone is stressed.”

The truth is, your body responds to your stress. Stress comes in many different forms — physical, mental, environmental, emotional, nutritional, even negative self talk — and your body picks up on these stressful cues. It’s the biggest cause of depression, anxiety AND weight gain.  Umm, need I say more?  Stress has an impact on your health, energy levels, weight, skin, attitude… everything!  Yet it’s the one thing most people (myself included) have the hardest time dealing with.

You can’t negate the fact that your stress matters. We all tend to say we’re fine, but are we really fine?  I have to CHOOSE to not be stressed, so I actively take steps to relieve and even prevent myself from getting stressed.

What can you do to relieve stress?

Take time for yourself daily

Make time for yourself everyday. Whether that’s early in the morning or a pause in the middle of the day.  For me, I like to take a few minutes in the morning to get my head in the right place,  sip some coffee…

Soak up the sun!

Get out and get some vitamin D! Seriously, sunshine and oxygen are the best stress relievers and they’re unlimited and free!  Take advantage of it!  I promise you’ll feel better.

Distance yourself from negativity

Stop surrounding yourself with negative people. Don’t let others put so many expectations on you. Give yourself permission to say “no” and to remove yourself from toxic relationships or toxic friendships.  You don’t have to say yes to everything and you don’t have to have a reason for not wanting to do something!  You don’t owe anyone anything.  Free yourself up to work on you. You’re not a douche for doing what’s right for you.


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