Anywho, I’m always looking for new ways to mix it up with routines like THIS that keep my booty round and lifted!   Share it with someone who loves booty work just as much as you and I do 🙂

Warm Up: Don’t forget your warm-up! I always do a quick warm-up (dancing around to my favorite jams) with plenty of stretching.

In and Outs: 12 reps each round. 

Hold a weight (I used 10lbs) and then hop from a narrow-squat to sumo squat. With these, go as deep as you can! Keep your abs super tight when you do these to keep your back protected because that transition can hurt your back if you don’t do it correctly.

Step-ups: 12 reps on each leg.

You’ll need a chair for these, and you simply just step up on  chair or a bench — whatever you have — and do 12 step-ups on each leg. Be sure to step up on your heel with these so that you feel it directly in your booty.  I like to use 2 15lb or 2 20lb weights.

Skaters, side-to-side: 12 reps on each leg.

With this move you’re going to leap to the side, touch the ground, leap to the other side, touch the ground. Do 12 of these on each leg. If you aren’t hitting the ground…you’re doing these wrong and won’t feel the burn in your booty. Hit the ground! 

Stability Ball – Hamstrings: 15 reps.

Lay flat on your back, put your heels on the stability ball and by curling your heels toward you… bring it in, hold it, and stretch it back out. Do this move slow and controlled so that you really feel it in your glutes! 

Bear: 12 reps on each leg. This is one of my favorite moves! It’s from PiYo and it BURNS not only the glutes, but the abs too! Get down to the floor on your hands and knees, turn to the side and kick your leg up and then back down. This crazy move works your triceps, too!

Repeat all of these moves in 3 rounds. For weights, I use 10 lbs but moving to 15 

It only take about twenty minutes to do three rounds of this booty-liftin’ routine!


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