being fit and healthy keeps you YOUNG!! So at least do it for the wrinkles, will, But Seriously… Don’t belive me?? Look at the people your age who don’t work out, eat well or at lest try to live a healthy life…

Heres the deal.. You’ve got to let go of the weight, pant size, or”perfect” body you’re working for. Workout because you want to , because it feels good, makes you feel good, and keeps you YOUNG and wrinkle free….

No matter hat fitness level you reach, you will ALWAYS be working and striving for more/better. That can be  a very unhealthy path UNLESS you’re simply working for more/better overall HEALTH and not just a freakin 6 pack

Learn to listen to your body and give it what it needs, whether the be more movement, rest, or nourishment. Focus on and appreciate what your body can do and the benefits that come with that


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