My dreams have evolved quite a bit

When I was a kid, I dreamt of having a “normal life”, lol, lets get real, I dreamt of becoming a musician. I would sing into my hairbrush and practise my moves in front of a mirror or store front window, imagining the day I when I’d be performing on stage in front of hundreds, or I would sit in a corner and write and draw in hoping i would become a writer.

I worked hard, stayed dedicated and now I am living that dream, ( not a singer, but a writer) I am weeks away from being published, but I know that I have more purpose then just writing. I want to help people in a bigger way.

I share what I have learnt and I try to share my energy. People ask why and how I am so strong, just follow along and I will Show and teach you.

I have taken to social media to help as many people as I can.

So that all being said this Blog will be poems, ramblings, fitness tips, recipes, Inspiration, encouragement

As a Coach of Body beach please contact me for any questions