no diamond studded earrings

no lush home

no stars to ask

no i dont want the moon

just hum your favourite song

or walk a mile with me

I dont know how to cook

they say thats they way to you heart

But i will love you

even when we are far apart

I will go jogging

if it means spending time with you

but i am lazy

I take time adopting things new

you can look at that girl all you like

i won’t kill her

or get angry

just dance with me once

embraced in your arms

happy and care free

I am not pretty they say

and sometimes i will be hell ugly

In such moments, please lie

and say i am pretty

I know your silence

i know your anger

i will let you alone

when need be

but hold me close

when you need a shoulder to cry on

as much as need be

Silence will be comfortable

love will be the guiding light

the world is fucked up

but not so much

if you will be by my side


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